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Strata Managers Melbourne

Strata Management, Melbourne

Serving Melbourne’s North West and surrounding areas, StrataEase makes all aspects of property management easy and stress-free.

Contact us for professional, reliable strata management services and the support of a team that is determined to exceed your expectations.

The Strata Management Team You Can Rely

We take pride in an ethical, dependable approach.

Who We Help

Residential Blocks

StrataEase provides outstanding services for residential townhouses, villa units and apartment blocks.

We aim to provide a win/win/win so tenants and occupiers have a pleasant living environment, executive committees can deliver exceptional service and building value is maximised.

Industrial Complexes

Our services provide a streamlined environment for office, factory and industrial building occupants.

Leave the administrative, insurance and general management to the team at StrataEase. We will help your premises stay on top of cash flow and meet the requirements of your tenants relating to common property.

New Developments

StrataEase helps developers meet all their legal obligations, while handling enquiries from incoming owners.

As a developer, you will have more freedom to work on other issues while we provide an appropriate budget on your behalf.

We can also create all your legal documents required for selling, without engaging us as managers for a once off fee.


Are you part of a small Owners Corporation and don’t require a manager for your property, but you want to ensure you are meeting all the legal and insurance requirements?

Let us help you organise it as the experts in Strata Management.

Hear From Our Clients

These strata buildings have already experienced StrataEase

Have been with Martine for a couple of years and the management is first class service, to say the least has been impeccable. On a first name basis and always very happy to help without delay. I have a number of properties across Metro Melbourne and I can categorically say there is no better!

Service is important and when you have the ability to call direct and have a conversation without the need to research the database and try to discuss a property unknown to the person on the other line, it make a significant difference and Martine and StrataEase have that personal service down-pat.

I would totally recommend Martine and StrataEase for your body corporate needs, and I look forward to having only ONE body corporate manager across my investments! Thank you, Martine and there is no need to tell you to do a good job as anything different is not in your DNA!

Waterloo Cres, St Kilda

Our previous strata manager was unreliable, untrustworthy and unprofessional. Our search for someone with experience and understanding, plus the willingness to take on the problems created by our previous manager led us to Joanne Colonnello at StrataEase. Joanne was amazingly accommodating. She helped us to move forward with things and enlist new vendors. We were very hesitant to turn to someone new due to past experience but Joanne was helpful and proactive. We have seen a 100% improvement from where we were and can now confidently move towards planning the future of our building. Joanne is great in the way that she can remain objective while still providing her opinion on all matters regarding the body corporate. She can be upfront and honest, as well as constructive. If she thinks we should reconsider a course of action, she will let us know. Jo has also shown amazing flexibility and resilience when dealing with particularly difficult residents and situations. She has proven time and time again that her experience and skill is wide-reaching, while being confident enough to state when something is not within her area of expertise. Joanne is completely trustworthy and we feel we are in good hands with her.

Eucalyptus Drive, Maidstone

StrataEase is always available to provide advice and follow up issues needing attention. Joanne always acts professionally and has a pleasant operational style. She offers sound and informed advice, and our experience with Joanne has always been positive and professional.

Banksia Street, Eaglemont

Strata Managers Melbourne

Joanne Colonello

Our Director

A qualified Certified Practicing Accountant, Joanne has extensive knowledge in financial management, having spent over twenty years in the corporate world in senior finance roles.

Joanne’s speciality is budgets, forecast and cash flow. She takes pride in delivering to deadlines, solving non-structured problems and maintaining the wellbeing of her team.

As a forward-thinking, solutions-focused strata manager, Joanne applies her financial experience to help clients improve efficiencies, elevate the value of their asset and meet the needs of all stakeholders. Clients note her to be friendly and empathetic enough to support all stakeholders throughout any issue.

Leading a team of strata managers, Joanne encourages clear communication and outstanding problem solving to help all clients achieve their goals.

Meet the StrataEase Team

Strata Managers Melbourne

Martine Peitcheff

Owner Corporation Manager

“I am proud of the personal touch we provide”

Martine joined StrataEase with 14 years’ experience in the motor vehicle industry, working with large Australian and Multinational companies. She has quickly proven herself in the strata industry, with her impeccable integrity proving a natural tenacity to communicate seamlessly with her valued property portfolio.

Strata Managers Melbourne

Lucia Milne

Admin Assistant

Lucia Milne is integral to the success of StrataEase and takes care of administrative tasks so our client-facing team can focus on providing outstanding customer service.

With excellent attention to detail and communication skills, Lucia ensures our service is professional and reliable.

Rizza Deloria

Admin Assistant

Rizza joined the StrataEase team as an administration assistant in 2020. Rizza’s can-do approach, kindness, and eagerness to achieve ensures that tasks are completed to StrataEase’s highest level of standards and quick response times. Having worked previously with a Strata Company, Rizza has quickly become an asset to the team.

Jumelyn Rodriguez

Admin Assistant

Jumelyn is a new addition to StrataEase and is already establishing her role amongst the team. She is a Business Administration Graduate with a finance background. This allows her to understand Owners Corporation Financials easily and assist in drafting budgets for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a strata manager do?
How do I choose a strata manager?
How do I know if I have a good strata manager?
How much does a strata manager charge?
What does a strata manager do?

A strata manager is a professional who manages all the common areas within a strata building. This professional can work with residential, commercial or industrial facilities. Strata managers work closely with executive committees to carry out the duties required for managing the building.

Your strata manager is an expert in the regulations surrounding the management of a strata building. They help with decision making, provide financial management and guidance, maintenance, insurance and more.

A strata manager also takes responsibility for correspondence, organising and conducting AGMs, accounts payable.

For more information about how StrataEase can manage your asset, contact us for a free discovery call.

How do I choose a strata manager?
  • Look for a professional with industry experience and a number of similar properties already under management.
  • Ask for testimonials and talk to your potential strata manager about how they will manage your premises.
  • Request details about how they will help you manage the day to day operations of your premises as well as elements including finance, meetings, accounts receivable/payable, maintenance and stakeholder communication.
  • Discuss a set fee so you are not stung with hidden costs.
  • Request a phone call so you can understand how your new strata manager can help improve day to day life at your residential complex or facility.
How do I know if I have a good strata manager?

A good strata manager will be proactive rather than reactive. They will be an outstanding communicator and always respond to your requests in a timely manner.

Good strata managers prioritise cash flow and are always seeking ways to improve efficiencies and reduce expenses so your asset maintains its value.

Your strata manager should have the best interests of all stakeholders, including tenants, owners and executive committee members in mind at all times.

How much does a strata manager charge?

The cost of a Melbourne strata manager depends on the services you require, the number of lots your premises has and the maintenance work your property needs.

To find out more, request a proposal from StrataEase.