Owner’s Corporation Management

StrataEase takes a personal approach to strata management so occupants, owners and committee members feel completely looked after.

Strata Managers Melbourne

Owners Corporation Management Services

On behalf of your Owners Corporation, StrataEase can take care of the following:

  • Planning and arranging committee meetings and AGMs
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas and minutes
  • Respond to correspondence on the owners corporation’s behalf
  • Organise maintenance and repairs for common property
  • Maintain the owners corporation register
  • Take care of accounts payable
  • Share updates and notices with stakeholders
  • Take care of insurance requirements
  • Ensure the building is compliant
  • Liaise with tenants, owners and the owners corporation in regards to disputes and special requests.
  • Assist with the documents required if you need to sell.

Why choose StrataEase?

We pride ourselves on being ethical and dependable. Our ability to respond to requests quickly and build a working rapport with a broad range of people, from Lot Owners to Contractors sets us apart.

We have extensive knowledge as strata managers and endeavour to make all aspects of property management as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our name, StrataEase, is exactly how we hope our clients feel when they have a property with us. The ‘ease’ should flow through to owners so they have access to the information and support they need.

Join over 100 strata properties around Melbourne and choose a strata management company you can rely on.