Strata Cash Flow Management

Too many Melbourne strata buildings struggle with outstanding accounts and cash flow issues, meaning their executive committee finds it impossible to improve the value of the premises.

The team StrataEase has backgrounds in the financial industry. This experience allows us to show you how to reduce overdue accounts and identify areas where your complex can save money.

Over 100 strata buildings around Melbourne rely on our services as exceptional strata managers.

strata cash flow management

Is your strata building struggling with cash flow?

Unpaid bills, overdue strata levies and excess expenditure can leave strata buildings playing a constant game of catch up. As a result, it is impossible to focus on improving the building in order to maximise its value.

Having financial experience at a corporate level means the team at StrataEase can help get cash flow under control so your executive committee can make plans for the future.

Strata cash flow: How we help

StrataEase will conduct a financial health check on your residential or industrial premises, reviewing every expense involved with your strata complex.

We will then share our findings and show you:

  • How to reduce costs
  • Which expenses are not necessary
  • How to ensure faster payment on outstanding accounts

You can also talk to us about deferring our management fees to assist with short term cash flow issues.

With our careful financial management, your strata premises can stay in the black and discover ways to maximise returns for owners, without impacting on the experience of your occupants. If we feel you can’t save costs, you’ll hear it from us upfront.