Looking to change strata managers? The process doesn’t have to be complicated.

StrataEase can help you transition to a more dependable strata manager in just a few easy steps.

With our help, you can find and work with a strata management company in Melbourne which keeps the needs of all stakeholders in mind.

Six steps to change strata managers

The basic steps to terminate your relationship with your current manager and transition to a new once include the following:

  • Contact all owners
  • Terminate old management
  • Arrange a special general meeting for owners
  • Propose the new management to owners and request a vote
  • Notify the new manager of their appointment
  • Notify the previous manager of the termination of contract
  • Transfer records and information to new managers

Executing these steps can require some groundwork and planning. For more information, contact StrataEase. We have templates to assist in every part of the process and will attend your special general meeting free of charge if required.

Why change strata managers?

You may wish to change your Melbourne strata manager for a number of reasons. For example:

  • They are not responsive to your requests or calls
  • You regularly have unexpected charges
  • You do not feel you are getting value for money
  • Your occupants are not well informed and make a lot of complaints
  • The owners committee does not have confidence in your current strata manager
  • Your asset is not adequately insured
  • There is a high number of outstanding accounts
  • Bills are not being paid on time
  • Maintenance and service providers are unreliable or overpriced
  • Your current strata manager is not proactive about ways to improve cash flow or increase the value of your asset

If you feel your strata building could be managed more effectively, contact StrataEase for a no-obligation discussion.