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With the current stage four lockdown in Melbourne, I know a lot of us are trying to juggle working from home along with trying to help our kids with online schooling.

At times, we are all frantically shuffling schooling within our already full days of work and wondering when it is all going to get a bit simpler.

It would be prudent to say, that whilst we are all learning the basics on how to become school teachers, our children are also picking up snippets of what happens in our daily work life.

Recently, I have been thinking about how valuable it is that we teach our children the importance of having a good work ethic and basic work practices and I realise that now is the perfect time to teach it.

Despite sometimes seeming like they are in their own little world, all the parents at StrataEase have realised how much their kids observe. Just the other day, my daughter tried to write a blog post for me about what it means to be a Strata Manager because she had heard me talking about it, one of my colleagues mentioned that her daughter was interested in how to fold a letter into an envelope properly.

We are all guilty at times of rushing through the small stuff, doing it ourselves rather than giving our kids the extra 5 or 10 to do these small things and feel that they are making their contribution, like they know that we are for them.

I will be the first one to put up my hand and say that it has not been easy, as I am sure every parent has had their moments. However, let us all try our best to remind ourselves the gift of being able to spend more time with our kids and for them to observe us in our professional environment, something they wouldn’t often get the opportunity to see.

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