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The 5 Worst Mistakes Made By Owners Corporations

Are you wasting time and money? Download our free guide to find out.

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Where is all the Money Going?

Being an Owner’s Corporation member can be stressful.

If you are new to the role or if you are juggling your role with a full-time job, it can be difficult to spot where money is falling through the cracks.

You may also be unaware of quick and simple changes which can save your premises thousands of dollars every year.

As experienced strata managers, we have seen Owners Corporations making the same costly mistakes time and time again. We created this guide to help you avoid them.

Is your Current Strata Manager Giving you Real Value?

You may think you are getting a great deal but if you don’t have the right strata manager, you could be losing money and failing in areas including:

  • Insurance
  • Budgeting
  • Contracts (across all suppliers)
  • And more

Our free guide will show you where your Owners Corporation is going wrong as well as easy ways to fix the problems.

Are you Actively Increasing the Value of your Property?

An outstanding Owners Corporation does more than the basics… with the help of an outstanding strata management company.

Download your free guide to find out what ‘more than the basics’ means and which simple changes can protect the assets under each lot owner’s names.

The Ideal Owners Corporation

When you avoid the worst mistakes, your Owners Corporation will be:

  • In control of finances
  • Protected from unexpected setbacks
  • 100% happy with your strata manager
  • Better equipped to handle lot owner complaints and queries
  • Able to put funds aside
  • Proactive about improving the value of the building
  • More harmonious, with less internal conflict

Sound good? Download your free guide to find out more.


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